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Granh-ar were the pioneering group of vagabonds which left the city of Yuv in search of new life.

The group initially consisted of 10 members.

Started as a "thought club" by Bjro Gresig and his disciple Llava Hyffes, the circle was subsequently joined by Hyffes' fellow students, Viroq and Sumanin Sanee, H. Atega Zabjh, a library frequent engineer of a high rank, as well as Gresig's old acquaintance, poet and musician Naghill Varae.

Dissatisfied with the present state of matters in the city and their personal lives, they agreed on venturing into forbidden Empty lands outside the city without an actual plan or agenda. 

  • Keranomu Sandaraen (invited by Nax, his accidental acquaintance) 
  • Fernollg Mazran (invited by Atega, her then-lover)
  • Unad ( Sandaraen's "girlfriend")
  • Taemaliv Shankee (Viroq's best friend)

Yullais Toniiq (Viroq's former classmate and romantic interest) showed intention to join the group yet refused at the last moment.

6 of Granh-ar later formed the core group dubbed Daenair (six girars).

The group crossed the city borders on the late spring night of ---- year (...koor epoch).

After only few days, Unad sought escape, tired of her false boyfriend's abuse. She returned to Yuv, accompanied by Taemaliv who realised she would not last long in the wild.

The remaining group went on to reach the ruins of ... temple, the Coalhill mines, then changed the course towards the Twin Bridge city.

On the way, they came across the infamous Maze of the Souls by the cliffs which they left without Sanee. Bjro Gresig abandoned them unnoticed. 

They reached the Twin Bridge city engulfed in flames of civil war. Having lost Naghill, they left for the woods where heavily injured Fernollg had to be left behind in a cabin along with Keranomu. 

The remaining three found a peaceful village where Viroq allegedly passes away in her sleep. Devastated by the losses, Atega and Llava bid each other farewell without knowing they were bound to meet again.