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Haeleges is a fictional city in the Barisaqi universe.

Located on the plain not far from the hillside and the river Nar, it is technically a fully restored (or to be precise, the identical if updated) copy of the ancient city of Yuv, which was entirely destroyed by an earthquake.

After the disaster and consequent moving, the soul (Farva) of the city lost its dwelling and went on wandering in the Zi-haeleg lands in the form of a beastly apparition.

The new city's soul hadn't awaken before the Daenair arrived, since the girars were a minority and were not welcome. It had since become self-aware (unlike other cities, it had both Yah and Farva) and established permanent bond with Maniiv Viroka, Naghill (Nax) Varae and Fernollg Mazran of the Daenair,

The power of the city kept growing until it spun out of control and decided to obtain flesh to be what her close ones were. Unable to get the desirable, the Yah went rogue and started attacking the citizens after they started hunting down the girars. Despite the Daenair attempts to reason with it, it caused damage to its own architecture and landscape, with multiple casualties. Its outrage reached its peak when pregnant Viroka had been sent out of the city border for sake of safety. The city demands her back, capturing and torturing Hjotennir and Ke. Maniiv returns on foot to make a deal with the city - she either finds a host body or offers the child in her womb to be possessed by the city soul.

Her decision splits the reality into a few possibilities:

Reality 0 - the city is incarnated as Haromin Viroka, the daughter of then wedded Maniiv and Hjotennir.

Reality 1 - Haromin is born after Maniiv had tricked Hjot into having sex with her under the guise of the dream.

Reality 2 - The body of a chosen girar becomes the host.

Reality 3 - A random possession occurs.