Agirar Wiki

The First:  Given Name: Hjotennir Atega Zabjh  

Nicknames: Lord Master, The Driver, Hoza 

Hair: dark, wavy, neck length 

Eyes: green  

Age: late 30s - early 40s,  

Height: 1.86

Body: slim but strong ( smithy and handcraft require muscle work),

no special features.

Personality: workaholic, intellectual, calm, introvert, pietic, hesitating, creative, well-bred, restrained, polite.

Top Yah Abilities: omnipresence, 

Yah Colours: azure, steel, dark-grey

Danger: Varies

Spouses: Gan Patikh (deceased), The Sixth Daenair, Akoesabaen.

Children: Alahir (with Gan), Haromin (with Maniiv), (probable children) Livari and Kani (with Maniiv); adopted: (real )Iso, (probable) Asii.

Fears: height (cured)