Agirar Wiki

The Second:

Given Name: Naghill Varae

Chosen name: Nax (in Round 3), the Anchoress (Round 9)

Nicknames: Nahhi, Galv"Sayarhin (The One who can play seven strings), The Fire Keeper

Hair: wavy, dark orange,

Eyes: light-blue

Age: mid 30s - early 40s, 

Height: 179

Body: very thin, hard and bony, a X-shaped scar across the back, 

Personality: righteous, artistic, demanding, assertive, charismatic, arrogant, proud, religious;

Yah Abilities: penetrate the azeel'm, hold virtual defense, travel through timelines.

Yah colours: black, orange,

Spouses: Roolsamu (round 0) current status - deceased;

Children: son (birthname Ulamu, cult name the Repentant One)

Fears: mutilation and skin removal

Nax meh.JPG