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The city of Yellow Granite

The first location visited by remaining Granh-ar after the first respawn. Not much is remembered about this period, all the Daenair describe the feeling towards it as "hazy and vague".

Memorable for its numerous canals and bridges, embankment and buildings constructed using yellow granite, and the racing track on the outskirts.

The granh-ar

Keranomu and Fernollg take great interest in racing, making it their income source as a racer and a manager respectively.

Hjotennir tries to overcome his fear of heights with the help from Maniiv, who takes him up on roofs of the tallest buildings in the city. Ironically, the tallest building does not exceed 5 floors, yet it is enough to terrify Zabjh. When Fernollg, who is very protective of him and highly critical of Viroka, finds out about their rooftop meetings, becomes furious and gets into a fight with her. Maniiv leaves the group's house and escapes on the other bank of the Grand canal to join Gresig. Soon Keranomu dies in a racing accident, after which Hjotennir and Fernollg decide to leave the city. Hoza meets Maniiv to tell her about their decision, causing her return to suicidal thoughts and guilt.

Gresig leaves the group almost immediately after the respawn, later accompanied by his apprentice Llava. He started gathering followers to form another group of wanderers and persuades them to leave the city for good. Among them are Fat Rihu, Ossa, sisters Teiyu and Liyun, and finally Maena, a man without a soul.

Gresig appoints Maniiv as Maena's tutor and leaves them be. Being in her worst emotional condition, she gives up her soul and passes it to Maena, along with her first name. She leads him into the wild hills to complete the ritual. He returns to announce her demise and his new identity to Gresig and other girars who came to say goodbye to Fern and Hoza.

The fate of Fernollg and Hoza in this round is unknown, but it's speculated that they managed to enter the Passage without having to die first.