The Sixth

Given name: Maniiv Viroq

Nickname: Zimma-chi, Mavi

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IMG 1478.jpg
IMG 4825.jpg

Hair: wavy, dark blonde/light brown, kept long

Eyes: grey

Age: round 0 - 16 y.o, round 8 - mid 30s.

Height: 160

Body: curvy yet fit

Personality: kind, forgiving, hot-headed, emotional, introvert, mad, loner, slob, selfish, childish, nerdy.

Yah Abilities: creating asyl"m, protection shields

Yah Colours: light grey, golden, azure

Danger: ???

Partners: Atega (main timeline, failed), Fernollg, Kaettohi;

Children: Haromin (alternative timeline, with Atega)

Fears: sounds

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